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>>Beaba Babycook SOLO healthy baby food maker red
Beaba Babycook SOLO healthy baby food maker red
Beaba Babycook SOLO healthy baby food maker red
Beaba Babycook SOLO healthy baby food maker red
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Beaba Babycook SOLO healthy baby food maker red

Beaba solo – see on Beaba populaarseim mudel, paljudes värvitoonides ja kõrgeima kvaliteediga!

Kuigi turul domineerivad keskmise kvaliteediga nii tuntud kui vähemtuntud tootjate kombainid - soovitame me valida nendele toodetele spetsialiseerunud tootja ja kvaliteediliidri - Beaba (Prantsusmaalt - toodab imikutele ettenähtud tehnikat alates 1989 a)!

Beaba – kombain, tänu millele Teie imiku toit on alati maitsev ja kvaliteetne. Lisaks kõikidele funktsioonidele võite keeta aurus teravilju (näiteks tatart…). See mikser – auruti tõestas oma väärtust ja kõrgeimat kvaliteeti mitmete Euroopas ja USA-s saadud auhindadega.

See on üks populaarsemaid imikutoidu valmistamiseks ettenähtud kombaine. Kiirendab ja kergendab oluliselt lapsevanemate tööd, kuna valmistab tervislikke püreesid väga väikeste pingutustega ja kiiresti. 

Kui ostate lisatarviku on see ainus kombain, mis võib valmistada imikutoitu teraviljast ja kruupidest.

Tagame parima hinna ja kiireima tarnimise Eestis!

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Beaba Babycook SOLO healthy baby food maker red

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Jah, kuni 7-aastase (2 + 5)
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Multifunctional Beaba Babycook®

Limited edition of the Babycook® 4in1 multifunctional mixing and cooking appliance in stylish colors that match the latest interior design trends. It will allow you to prepare a full meal for your child - from starters through dinner to dessert - and only in 15 minutes. Babycook® cooks steamed, blends or chopped, heats or defrosts, and is quiet and easy to use - one button takes care of everything!

Steamed dishes are tasty, and above all healthy, because this form of treatment makes their valuable nutritional values and vitamins preserved. This is especially important in the period when a child goes through liquids for solid meals, but also for older children.

Babycook® is also a mixer with a convenient adjustment, thanks to which you can prepare a meal of any desired consistency, from ground to soup (very finely chopped ingredients) or puree (finely chopped ingredients) to only finely chopped pieces, e.g. meat. In this way, you can easily adjust the density of food to the current stage of your child s development.

The heating and thawing function is useful when you have already prepared a meal. The Babycook® jug has a capacity of 1100ml, so you can prepare a dinner for a few days in advance, and then divide into smaller quantities and freeze it to keep it fresh.

The Babycook® device is compact, which makes it easy to fold them together and take them with you, for example on holidays. It also works great in a small kitchen. Ergonomics and convenience provides the opportunity to operate the equipment with one hand (every mom knows how practical this solution is) - thanks to the "easy clip" button, you can easily open the jug, remove it from the device and put the meal on the plate.


  • capacity of the pitcher - 1100 ml
  • cooking time: up to 15 minutes
  • stainless steel base
  • unheated housing, protecting against burns
  • protection (Babycook® will not start if the jug is not installed correctly)
  • automatic shutdown at the end of work, accompanied by a sound signal
  • possibility of washing all elements (except the base with power cable) in the dishwasher
  • indicator of the amount of stone
  • accessories included: spatula, for easy removal of the food basket, circular blades, grinding cover, recipe book (in FR, ANG, IT)
  • possible accessories to buy: freezing containers, freezing and heating jars, rice and pasta cookers, spice basket, Babycook® cleaning liquid
  • unique colors - pastel shade of pink with elements of pink gold and slightly shimmering, adding chic detail.


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