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>>>Braun 9390cc pardel Wet and Dry silver 9 series
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Braun 9390cc pardel Wet and Dry silver 9 series

Braun Series 9 is the world-rsquo;s most efficient electric shaver: the 5 shaving elements capture more hair in one stroke for a flawless shave. This foil shaver provides you with both a close and gentle shave, without compromise. The electric razor glides over skin and is suitable for wet or dry shaving. You can now shave cordlessly for longer (60 min) with 20% more battery than the previous Series 9. Includes Pro display with performance dashboard. All Series 9 shavers are made in Germany with premium craftsmanship.

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Braun 9390cc pardel Wet and Dry silver 9 series

24 kuud
2-3 tööpäeva
Šaldiklio spalva
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Jah, kuni 7-aastase (2 + 5)
Aku indikaator
Sertifitseeritud kvaliteet
Summa (tk)
Pea pestakse veega
Laadimise indikaator
Wet and Dry tüüp
Märg raseerimine (min)
50 min
Pardel tüüp
Võrk + raseerimistera
Laadimisaeg (min)
60 min
Fast charging (min.)
5 min
Mikro vibratsioon
10 000
Braun seeria
Series 9

5 synchronized shaving elements

Lift -amp; Cut trimmer - Coated with titanium. Cuts even flat lying hair.

Direct -amp; Cut trimmer - Cuts hair growing in different directions.

Skin Guard - Protects your skin in every stroke.

2x OptiFoil - Protects your skin in every stroke.

10D Flex head - Independently flexible cutting elements mounted on a 10 directional pivoting head: MicroMotion combined with MacroMotion for maximum facial adaptability, giving you more skin contact for a more thorough shave.

Advanced 32bit chip - Advanced 32bit chip. Adjusts the shaver-#39;s power to your beard to shave even densest beard efficiently.

Beard density adjustment - Reads your beard and adjusts power consequently

SyncroSonic-trade; technology - SyncroSonic-trade; technology with 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute. Multiplied by Sonic technology. Braun-rsquo;s patented SyncroSonic-trade; technology reads and adapts to your beard. Checking its density 160 times per minute. Providing extra power exactly where needed most.

Titanium coated trimmer - Titanium is an extremely durable metal and highly resistant to corrosion. Plus, it makes quite an appearance. That-lsquo;s why Braun uses it for the coating of the trimmer.

LED display - All information at a single glance: the precise LED display shows battery status, hygiene status and travel lock indicator.

Clean -amp; Charge System - A shaver like new every day. The Clean -amp; Charge station cleans hygienically, lubricates, dries and charges your shaver at the touch of a button.

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